Creation of Male and Female

Wow! This video shows Black & White Pastors together standing up against the homosexual agenda. You can see and hear, at the 8.10 mark, a Black Pastor speaking out against Margaret Sanger’s Planned Parenthood eugenics campaign against blacks. You can see a White Pastor speak in defense of marriage as the Bible affirms—between one man and one woman. 

Pastors and Christian Leaders are against amending Michigan's Elliott-Larsen Civil Rights Act to include sexual orientation, gender identity, or other similar designations. Visit for more information and to view the printed release.

The pastors oppose the homosexual agenda to redefine marriage. At the 17.15 mark, you can hear a pastor speak about God’s design:

“Almighty God created gender and defined marriage.”

We were created by God anatomically male and anatomically female. 

The “blood of Christ” is explicitly mentioned. All sexual sins can be washed by that blood. “Jesus Christ died on a cross to save us from sin.” Sinners must admit they sin against God.

National Christian Leadership Council president Stacy Swimp “believes that the ‘gay’ agenda has gone too far, to the point where Christians have little choice but to exercise civil disobedience to stand up for the law as he insists the founders of the United States intended.” “Let there be no doubt,” he said, “that, if you should decide to go forward with this grave injustice, I, every born again believer I know, as well as every pastor you see here today, shall disobey your unjust law.” He said, “Here we stand, Black and White together, ready to go to jail!” 

First Baptist Church pastor R.B. Oulette added, “I don’t know of another example of pastors’ sermons being subpoenaed, except for in Nazi Germany and Communist Russia.” He added, “I find it ironic that the first example of that happening in America is from the LGBT community.” “Those wanting specific rights for sexual orientation are seeking to rewrite the traditional moral fiber of our society,” asserted Faith Baptist Church senior pastor Tim Berlin.