Weiner and McCann—Piltdown

Joseph. S. Weiner wrote a helpful book, The Piltdown Forgery. In 1971, Oxford University honored him with a DSc degree. He wrote, “Taken with the massive evidence of the complete incompatibility of jaw and cranium, those fabrications assure us of the enormity of the deception, the foisting of a spurious fossil human ancestor on to the world of paleontology”. He is also to be commended for considering that one motivation could have been a “mad desire to assist the doctrine of human evolution by furnishing the ‘requisite’ missing link”. The author, however, gave no acknowledgement of Creationist Alfred W. McCann or the book, God—Or Gorilla, published amazingly 30 years prior, which exposed the Piltdown fragments as frauds. 

McCann’s words, written in the early 1920s, were prophetic in describing the then present evolutionary dominance and bigotry. He wrote, “In propping up the ape-jaw and human-cranium of the ‘reconstructed’ Piltdown man the opinions of various scientific authorities are set forth with such flourishes as to insinuate the impression that the scientists are singularly agreed among themselves in the matter of Mr. Piltdown’s affairs and their significance.”

For more information, read my review of Weiner's book, and of McCann's book.