Though my video was put up two days ago (11/23/16), there already are eight positive comments. Here are three: 1) “Thorough and respectful presentation, one to be considered carefully indeed. Some may find certain pieces of information included here to be surprising, mostly due to the prejudged opinion of most evolutionary science investigators. People seem to have a tendency to go along with what "everyone" believes. Our minds need to be opened to factual data and proof—even if they disagree with our established beliefs.” 2) “This video prepared by … Paul Humber systematically exposes modern secular scientists' lack of objectivity by their refusal to perform adequate testing for Carbon-14 in dinosaur fossils. He also reveals the circular reasoning employed by labs providing services for dating fossils and rocks—they manage results so that they fall within what the sample provider thinks the date might be for any specific sample. The violation of basic principles that should characterize an objective scientific method is astounding.” Please watch