Challenging Racism

Humber’s article, The Ascent of Racism has been translated into various languages. His follow-up article, Hitler’s Evolution Versus Christian Resistance has also been of interest internationally.

The Bible is color-blind – not racist. Below and left is Humber’s sermon, “Ebed Melech, Jeremiah 38-39, an Ethiopian who trusted in the Lord,” found on Youtube. Also on Youtube, below and to the right, “Yezu nandi Lu Zingu” is a Vili Praise Song sung by Paul G. Humber in 2010 from an African beach north of Pointe Noire, Republic of Congo, Africa.

This is a message about a noble African (Ethiopian) who trusted in the Lord. He had courage. He may even have risked his life to save Jeremiah. The religion of the Bible is for people of all skin colors and all nations.
This Vili song was sung to Vili fishermen on the Pointe Noire (Congo) beach by Paul Humber in mid-July of 2010. The Vili fishermen joined in, and one even continued singing it on his own. A literal translation of it is "Jesus, He is the Life."

Humber's son, his son's wife, and their four children serve as missionaries in Pointe Noire, working to get the Bible translated into Vili, a native language.

Paul G. Humber with two Vili friends

Humber’s review of Jerry Bergman’s book, Hitler and the Nazi Darwinism Worldview, is online on Amazon. Iti s accompanied by a vigorous discussion in which Humber defends the book's thesis. Humber ends his review on a note of hope with an invitation to invite Jesus into your life.