Christian Released Time

CRT classes continue in 2014. Why take students on a field trip – away from their school? Well, for one thing, since the Bible is the key to understanding many biblical allusions found in much of literature, having direct contact with it is good for subsequent study. It helps students understand the context for the founding of this country. In providing the Released Time Law, public officials have helped to remind us of our heritage. When schools release students to our classes, they acknowledge that the State recognizes the importance of religious values.

Christian Released Time group in Philadelphia

Additionally, our classes help students understand how to get along with others in constructive ways by doing for others what they would like others to do for them. This biblical concept challenges the default worldview that to “survive” in this world you must prove yourself be the “fittest”. We teach the children to be diligent, productive, chaste, helpful, mannerly, prudent, cheerful, honest, modest, respectful, compassionate, honorable, obedient, responsible, humble, courageous, patient, and self-sacrificing.

Our classes also help students receive hope and motivation to do better even with respect to their regular classes. Thinking that we are accidents in the universe dampens motivation. Our classes teach that children are precious in God’s eyes.

D... is a young lad I met in a CRT class. He died the following year at home of a ruptured appendix. There was evidence, however, that this young man, before dying, had become a true Christian. CRT workers were able to comfort his parents with the hope of heaven. Other children also became concerned about what happens after death, and public schools are really not equipped to deal with this topic.

There is no special treatment accorded to participants in the program. Students actually have an increased academic workload. They are required to complete their regular work while taking on a learning opportunity in another subject (i.e., the Bible). Many people would consider this enrichment.

People who would like the Director to help them get started may contact him. He can also give a presentation at their church. The following, 20-minute TV interview on Christian Released Time may also prove inspiring and helpful. 

Paul G. Humber is interviewed by Pat Huber on TV -- especially about "Christian" Released Time.