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Polystrate fossill

What is the image at right showing you, and what are the implications to your history and future? Find the answers to these questions and more in the many books published by Paul G. Humber. 

The image at right is a polystrate, fossilized tree trunk. Either the trunk stood in place and weathered millions of years and multiple sediment flows before being buried, or its burial happened in a single event. Which do you think is more likely? Learn more about this and other evidence on origins in CR Publications' two books: Reasons to Affirm a Global Flood, and Reasons to Affirm a Young Earth.

CR Publications tackles many interesting issues. Discover why hell is really not eternal, examine the scriptural evidence pointing toward Jesus' incarnation on this Earth, and consider the question balance in New Testament teaching about life on Earth and life in the hereafter, and of what that implies for how we should live in the hear and now while eagerly awaiting the glorious hereafter. Visit the CR Bookstore for more on these and other topics.