Dragon-like Dinosaur Skull

Did you know that dinosaurs used to be called dragons, and that they lived with man? Get both of our Young Earth booklets, Reasons to Affirm a Young Earth--booklets 1 and 2. The first has been translated into both Spanish and French – and republished in India. Buy the book from the Associates for Biblical Research (here), from (here), or from our own bookstore here at CR Ministries. The second one is also available.

A related book, Reasons To Affirm A Global Flood (36 contributors, most members of Creation Research Society) is also available. You can buy it from the Associates for Biblical Research (here), and of course from the CR Ministries bookstore (here). 

Evolution Exposed [Paperback] may be ordered from our bookstore (here). Though authored by Paul G. Humber, the Foreword was written by Dr. Duane T. Gish

Humber’s critical review of Vern Poythress’ book, Redeeming Science, has more helpful “votes” even than the “most favorable review.” The concern of Paul G. Humber, though a graduate of Westminster, is that the Seminary needs to be more faithful to the Bible especially in the area of origins and chronology.

Some published articles by Paul G. Humber which relate to creation include:

Following are two videos by Paul G. Humber. One goes along with the book Reasons to Affirm a Global Flood. The other is a popular video titled Hypothalamus.

Paul G. Humber was asked to explain his booklet, Reasons to Affirm a Global Flood, to a creation group in Lancaster, PA on May 3, 2012. The interesting Q&A period that followed has been omitted here so as to respect the privacy of others, but the exchanges were friendly and supportive.

Hypothalamus is the body's thermostat.