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Paul G. Humber’s 2012 publication, 400 Prophecies, Appearances or Foreshadowings of Christ in the Tanakh (Old Testament), is being featured here at the Associates for Biblical Research.

Dr. John Morris, seen in the image that follows later on this page, wrote the Foreword.

The book is also being sold from (here), and of course from our own, CR Ministries Bookstore (here). The book has been translated into Spanish, and has been formatted for Kindle.

Humber's 2011 DVD, dealing with Jesus as Messiah, is titled “NY Debate between Rabbi Tovia Singer and Pastor Paul Humber.” It is offered for sale in our bookstore (here), and from (here).

FREE – our Jehovah Jesus book is offered free to anyone requesting it and purchasing something else from our bookstore (here). You may also purchase this book from (here). 

Many of Humber’s devotionals appeared in Days of Praise. Here are two, for example: “He Gave His Only Begotten Son”, John 3:16,  and “The Active Obedience of Christ”, Romans 5:19.

Paul Humber (left() with Dr. John Morris (right)