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There are at least 110 scientific reasons to affirm the young earth. How can you see these 110 Scientific Reasons? You can get 43 of them by going to the CR Bookstore (see menu at top) and ordering Reasons to Affirm a Young Earth there. Or, you can write to me from my contact page and ask me to send you a free e-book on the topic. 

The other 67 reasons are in Part 2–which has not yet gone to the press. (An editor is working on it.) You can reply via my contact page, and I will keep you updated. Part 1 was so popular that it was translated into French and Spanish and reprinted in India.

Posted May 23, 2013: Here is my latest video message, “400 Prophecies, Appearance or Foreshadowings of Christ in the Tanakh.” preached on May 5, 2013.

This video contrasts the "Church" of Cain with the Church of the SEED (Christ). The Lord Jesus referred to the murder of Abel in Luke 11:51, but also gave an incidental lesson concerning the age of the earth (at the 16:28 mark)-it is not billions or even millions of years old.

A project that Peter and I worked on for the last few months was installing two chimney liners with insulation between, transporting a wood stove from northern NJ, and installing a new masonry mantle – using an angle-grinder, etc. Today, 2/17/13, after church, for the first time, we actually started a fire in it. We thanked the Lord as a family today for safety installing the liners on the roof and for granting us this warm hearth. The warmth of His love, however, transcends this like the sun transcends a spark.

Wood stove installed by Paul and Peter Humber


The following was posted to William on 2/11/2013:

To: William
Sent: Monday, February 11, 2013 9:44 AM
Subject: Part 4 — Re: High School Science recommendation

Dear William,

Dr Lane P. Lester is a Geneticist – and a friend of mine. He was Professor of Biology at Emmanuel College in Franklin Springs, Georgia. He also has served on the board of directors of the Creation Research Society and was the managing editor of the Creation Research Society Quarterly. His books include Designs in the Living World (biology textbook), The Natural Limits to Biological Change, and Human Cloning: Playing God or Scientific Breakthrough? He graduated from the University of Florida and holds a Ph.D. in genetics from Purdue University, and an M.S. in ecology.

You can learn more about the biology textbook by visiting here: For more, you can click here: Designs in the Living World, Fourth Edition is by Lane P. Lester, Dennis L. Englin, and George F. Howe. This is a 223-page biology textbook, which assumes the truth of creation, in contrast to most biology books which assume the truth of evolution. This creationist biology textbook is being used by Christian colleges and a correspondence course by Moody Bible Institute. It is written at the introductory level and is suitable for high school use as well. To reduce costs, it has line drawings in black ink and is spiral bound.

Thanks, Paul


Posted: 2/10/2013:

William sent an email to me on 2/9/13: “Dear Mr. Humber, Your reviews on some books we were examining were very insightful. Do you have some recommendations for a science textbook for a high school student? Gratefully, William….”

My initial response was “Dear William, I am out-of-town from tomorrow until Wednesday. Give me a few days to get back to you. In the meantime, please check out our CR Bookstore. I do not have any textbooks there, but there are some helpful resources. Thanks, Paul

Here is my second response:

Dear William, here’s another response. Answers in Genesis has a three-book series: ANSWERS 1, ANSWERS  2 and ANSWERS 3. The first can be found here: It features 15 authors such as Dr. David Menton (fabulous), Dr. Georgia Purdom (probably excellent), Dr. Jason Lisle (excellent), etc. Topics included: Couldn’t God Have Used Evolution? Doesn’t Carbon-14 Dating Disprove the Bible? Does Radiometric Dating Prove the Earth is Old? What Really Happened to the Dinosaurs? Why Don’t We Find Human & Dinosaur Fossils Together? Don’t Creationists Believe Some “Wacky” Things? Where Does the Ice Age Fit? Are There Really Different Races? Are ETs & UFOs Real? Does Distant Starlight Prove the Universe Is “Old”? How Did Defense/Attack Structures Come About? Is Natural Selection the Same Thing as Evolution? Hasn’t Evolution Been Proven True? Did Dinosaurs Turn into Birds? Does Archaeology Support the Bible? Why Does God’s Creation Include Death & Suffering?

Book 2 ( answers: Can Natural Processes Explain the Origin of Life? Are Mutations Part of the “Engine” of Evolution? Did Humans Really Evolve from Apelike Creatures? Does the Bible Say Anything about Astronomy? Does the Big Bang Fit with the Bible? Where Did the Idea of “Millions of Years” Come From? What’s Wrong with Progressive Creation? Can Creationists Be “Real” Scientists? What’s the Best “Proof ” of Creation? What Is a Biblical Worldview? Did People like Adam and Noah Really Live Over 900 Years of Age? Are There Gaps in the Genesis Geneologies? How Old Is the Earth? Information: Evidence for a Creator? Is Evolution a Religion? Aren’t Millions of Years Required for Geological Processes? Doesn’t Egyptian Chronology Prove That the Bible Is Unreliable? Why Is the Scopes Trial Significant? Isn’t the Bible Full of Contradictions? Was the Dispersion at Babel a Real Event? When Does Life Begin? Do Creationists Believe in “Weird” Physics like Relativity, Quantum Mechanics, and String Theory? Doesn’t the Order of Fossils in the Rock Record Favor Long Ages?

Book 3 ( is the final book in the series, and you get important and helpful regarding the following topics: Global warming and Climate Change, Cloning and stem cells, Human and chimp DNA, The importance of Mount St. Helens, Questions for evolutionists, The origin of life on Earth, The location of the Garden of Eden, What Noah’s ark looked like, How Noah fit all the animals on the ark, How we know the Flood was not local, Abortion, The logic behind the Christian worldview, Why the earth “looks old”, How and when Grand Canyon formed, Astronomy’s confirmation of a young earth, Cosmology, The continents and the Days of Peleg, , Vestigial organs, Tiktaalik, The best argument for the existence of God, Why even leading evolutionists disbelieve Darwin’s ideas, Some of the best evidences for the Flood, Unicorns in the Bible, Slavery in the Bible, The universe – young or old?

I’m not an agent for AiG, and perhaps I shall get back to you later with more information. In His service, Paul


The beautiful flower with butterfly picture (below) was taken in our backyard late last summer. Prudence loves planting flowers, and she, with major help from the Lord, graces our property with many displays of floral beauty. She also has been studying birds and their songs – even in winter time. In fact, today, January 26, 2013, she walked the Wissahickon Trail for a few hours, searching for displays of our Lord’s poetry in flight.

Some of the wonder of God's creation as seen in the Humber family's backyard

I also wrote an article about birds and butterflies along the Wissahickon. Below is a scan of the article as it appeared in print, but you can more easily read it online.

Scan of Paul G. Humber's  article  as it appeared in print

Scan of Paul G. Humber's article as it appeared in print

Paul G. Humber is working on a very important and new book – hopefully to be published in 2013. It is dealing with a major slander against the Lord Jesus Christ, and he is looking for readers. Please volunteer to serve as an editor of the developing book.

The following message was preached by Paul G. Humber on 9/16/12: “Why Does Evil Exist?” He refers to a good message preached by John Wesley.

Skeptics of the Bible ask, "If God is all powerful and good, why did He allow evil to enter the picture?" This video answers that question from the Bible and also quotes significantly from one of John Wesley's sermons. He was the earthly founder of Methodism, and his text also was Romans 5:15.

An earlier sermon was preached not long before titled, “John Wycliffe’s Bones Were Dug Up & Burnt — Why?” Wycliffe is quoted in this message. Following is the video:

This is an unusual video for a number of reasons. Three girls (second-time visitors to the church with their father and grandfather) actually "participate". You can see momentary glimpses of them from time to time, but you can also hear off-screen verbal comments that are right-on about 85% of the time.