About CR Ministries

CR Ministries is a Christian outreach directed by Paul G. Humber.  We are involved in many aspects as can be seen from the Welcome page. Please make sure also to visit our bookstore (see upper right).

On Oct 24, 2014, someone wrote these words to Paul G. Humber, “…your website has no bio and very little about you.  Well, I take that back, but it is located in a rather unusual place in the website structure. The website should have an ABOUT link on the opening page.” Okay, ABOUT has been moved to the top, and here’s a bio for Paul G. Humber: He is a speaker, author, educator, and director of CR Ministries. He has two degrees from UPenn, Bachelor of Arts and Master of Science in Education (specializing in mathematics). He has a B.D. from Westminster Seminary. He is author of the 400+ Prophecies, Appearances, or Foreshadowings of Christ in the Tanakh and various other publications. He taught at the Haverford School for 24 years, and there are two assemblies by him given to the Upper School students there available on YouTube: “Exponential Number, 10^18, PASSOVER, Isaac Asimov, Calculus, Haverford School Assembly” and “Two Bible Coins.” Two debates were recorded in Queens, NY, and Amazon sells them on one DVD: “NY Debate between Rabbi Tovia Singer and Pastor Paul Humber.” Southwest Radio Ministries (SWRM) has archived three interviews with Paul G. Humber on “Reasons to Affirm a Young Earth”, and they also interviewed him on “The Global Flood.” There is a TV interview given under CRT, and many other bits and pieces of information on the various pages. Welcome to and enjoy traveling through CR Ministries.  

Humber's son and daughter-in-law, Paul and Kristen Humber, currently serve with Wycliffe Bible Translators in Pointe Noire in the Republic of Congo. Learn more about their ministry and how you can help.

Many people have helped/volunteered in many ways.

Here is a list of 48, but I’m sure that other names could be added. If you are one, please remind this 72-year-old brain. Also, the comments behind the names could be expanded for many, but at least one can get the impression that this has been a J-Team effort. Thanks is here give to various people who have helped CRM in one or more ways—arranged alphabetically: Armand Ludovic Banguyssat (CRT fill-in teacher) Mary Barry (proofreader and Gospel promotion), Dr Jerry Bergman (proofreader, hospitality), Ruth P. Brittain (proofreader, encourager), Dr. Charlene Brock (CRT promotion, encourager), Jyoti Chakravartty (re-publisher), Eugene Cipriani (transportation, encourager), Dr Robert Collier (CRT promotion), Dr Ernesto Contreras (translator), Dr Kenneth Dale (proofreader, encourager, Foreword to book), Carl Davenport (CRT teacher), Raymond Dorilus (proofreader, Editor), Louise Fischer (encourager, transport), Jonathan Gennick (website consultant and creator), Dr Duane Gish (Foreword to book), Dean Gray (proofreader, publishing), Teno Groppi (hospitality, photo images), Pat Huber (TV CRT promotion, repeated airings), Charles J Humber (proofreader and purchaser), Paul D Humber (hospitality, translation consultant and speaker-arranger in Africa), Peter S Humber (CRT promotion, videographer, shipping), Prudence Humber (proofreader, hospitality, videographer, shipping), Jeff Hunter (Creation promotion), Priscilla Hurlbut (proofreader, translation consultant), Paul Koepp (Creation promotion, fossil gifts), Lane Lester (earlier website consultant and creator), Carol Majewski (encourager), Steve Miller (Creation promotion, photo images), Dr John Morris (Creation promotion, Foreword to book), Marie Palladino (encourager), Maurice Prohin (French translator), Anna Rolen (proofreader, radio promotion, encourager), Cynthia Ruble (encourager, hospitality), David Sanford (printer of many CRM publications), Barbara Schlesinger (proofreader, CRT promotion, encourager), Pastor Don Schuler (CRT promotion, encourager), Doug Sharp (CRT promotion and encourager), Dr Theodore J. Siek (writer, proofreader, encourager), Dr John H Skilton (encourager Foreword to book), Henry Smith (Creation book promoter), Pastor Dirk Spalding (long-term CRT teacher, encourager), Larry Spargimino (CRM radio interviewer), Gary Stevenson (encourager, proofreader), Mark Stewart (encourager and YouTube promotion), Rosemary TenPenny (encourager, prayer support), Laurence Tisdall (French translator and Creation promoter), Pastor Joel Thompson (encourager and prayer support), Dr Erich von Fange (Creation promotion, fossils), James H. Watson (Evangelism & Bible promotion), Bonnie Weaver (encourager), Christine Wigden (faithful CRT teacher w/Director, 10 years), and Pastor Timothy Wolf (Gospel and Creation promotion, hospitality).