Introduction: On Jan 16, 2017, Dr. Tony Costa, Professor of Islam/Apologetics at Toronto Baptist Seminary, wrote to the Director, “Hi Paul … Do you have a statement of faith on your website?” Well, we did not, but it was a good idea. In general, the Director’ views have been along the lines of The Philadelphia (Baptist) Confession of Faith, but the following is much more compact:

CR Ministries’ Statement of Faith

1.  God is a Complex-Unity and a Tri-Personal Being (aka Trinity) who exists as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. He transcends time, which itself is a created entity. [There are many passages even from the Old Testament that affirm this doctrine. A video titled “TRINITY in the OLD TESTAMENT” was prepared by the Director for viewing and may be watched by clicking here,]


2. The Bible (66 books) is God-breathed. There were many human authors inspired by God the Holy Spirit who were used.

3. Jesus is the Messiah (the Christ) promised throughout the Old Testament and is Himself God-in-human-flesh. He was born of Mary, who was at the time of His birth a virgin. Joseph was Jesus’ legal father but not His biological one.

4.  Adam and Eve, our first parents, disobeyed the Lord God; they fell into sin, with consequences upon all of their descendants. We all, in other words, are born sinners, and each person born shows that he/she is indeed a child of disobedience. Excluding the Lord Jesus, all men, women, boys, and girls need salvation from sin and regeneration.

5. Christ Jesus’ death on the cross was a substitutionary death. He died to save those who would entrust their entire beings to His saving mercy. They are justified not by their own merits (which are nil) but solely on the merits of the Lord Jesus Christ alone. Jesus took the filth of sin upon Himself (on the cross) and gives His garment of righteousness to those who trust Him (i.e. believe in Him).

6. Baptism should be administered to those who profess faith in Jesus, and immersion is a fitting mode, symbolizing identification with the Lord in His death, burial, and resurrection. [The Director explains in this video, “JESUS WAS BAPTIZED BY IMMERSION”,, that Jesus Himself was immersed.]

7. Believers should remember the Lord’s death for them in the Lord's Supper.

8. The Lord Jesus will return bodily for His Church. All humans who have ever lived on this earth (and subsequently) died will be raised from death to appear before Jesus. Those still alive at His return will also appear before Him.

9. All humanity will be separated into two groups, the saved (sheep) and the wicked (goats). The saved will enjoy unending bliss with King Jesus in a New Heaven and New Earth. The wicked will receive proportional punishments according to their works (see Jesus’ words in Luke 12:47-48) and will eventually cease being (see Jesus’ words in Matthew 10:28).

10. The Hebrew word, olam, and the Greek word, aionios, both mean lasting (or enduring). English translations have often and majorly mistranslated these two words. Instead of writing lasting, they have added the word “ever” in front, yielding “ever”lasting. The practice of adding to God’s Word is condemned in Scripture. The notion of unending torments in hell was influenced by the supposed notion that man has an inherent, immortal soul. This was affirmed around 200 AD by Tertullian, who was influence by Plato, who, in turn, was influence by Pythagoras and the Egyptians. [The Director has put out a video about this, “Hell is NOT Forever,” and may be found here:]