Files are arranged alphabetically.

17 Predictions / Foreshadowings of the Messiah's Resurrection (PDF). Many followers of Christ are aware of Old Testament passages that predict His suffering, but not so many are aware of passages that predict His resurrection. It is the purpose here to share 17 passages from the Old Testament that point to the resurrection of the Messiah.

50 Raisons d’Affirmer que la Terre est Jeune, Paul G. Humber, éditeur (PDF) This is the French version of Reasons to Affirm a Young Earth, booklet 1.

Abiogenesis and Pasteur (PDF). Many people think evolution has nothing to do with how life began. FALSE!

ABORTING AMERICA & KERMIT GOSNELL (PDF) This is the text for the video being prepared.

BAPTISM--Presbyterians and Baptists respectfully disagree (PDF). Dr. Adams, a Presbyterian, wrote a book about baptism, and Director Humber considers some of his arguments.

Birds and Butterflies, PDF. The Lord's wonderful providence along the Wissahickon

Both Truth and Love are Needed, PDF. Evangelism is more than loving people.

Cancer and War--Why? (PDF). Why is there cancer and war in this world?

Carver, George Washington (PDF). This was a man of science and man of God both.

Christian Released Time for Public School Children Why? (PDF). This resources answers the question, "Why take students out of school during regular school hours?"

Creation Matters, Volume 18 Number 2 (PDF). The March / April 2013 issue of Creation Matters, published by the Creation Research Society.

CRT (Christian Released Time) and How It Got Restarted in Philadelphia (PDF). There was a considerable struggle in 2003 getting CRT reworking in Philadelphia. Here is a little history.

CRT--26 free lessons (PDF). Here are 26 free lessons for CRT classes.

Coins pointing to Peter and JESUS, (PDF). If not too far away, have Paul G. Humber bring these two coins to your Sunday School or Bible class so others can hold and see coins that relate to the NT.

Columbus and Creator Christ, PDF. Was Columbus interested in gold--or something far more important?

Comparing Creation and Evolution (PDF) Which of the two is more scientific?

Debating Dawkins (PDF). This is an article about correspondence between Richard Dawkins and Paul Humber.

Einstein, Aquinas, & Jesus (PDF).

Eiseley, Dr. Loren (PDF). Evolutionist Eiseley seems to have received a gentle nudge from above?

Evolution and Abortion (PDF). This article shows the connection between evolution and abortion.

Evolutionary Hypocrisy? Neanderthal Skull (PDF) Report of creation-evolution debate held at Westminster Seminary

Ezekiel (PDF).

Flat Earth? (PDF). Does the Bible teach flat earth or that the earth is a sphere?

FORESHADOWINGS OF THE MESSIAH'S RESURRECTION (PDF). This is Bible and Slade's Spring 2017 publication of PGH's article, Vol. 30, No. 2, pages 44-47.

Genome degrading (PDF). Dr. Sanford on the degrading human genome.

Global Flood Evidence (PDF). There are many reasons to affirm a global flood. Here are about 55 of them.

GRAND CANYON is YOUNG (PDF). This is a review of a 2016 misleading book that says the Canyon is millions and millions of years old.

Helen Keller & Swedenborg Were Confused (PDF).

Historical House in Roxborough (PDF). This is the house the Humbers have been living in since 1981.

Hitler's "Bible" (PDF). America advanced Hitler's cause in some measure. We are not guiltless.

Hitler's Evolutionary Faith (PDF). This article documents that Hitler was an evolutionist.

Hitler--Christian Opposition to Hitler's Racism (PDF). Many do not realize that the Confessing Church opposed Hitler's racism.

Hitler = Evolutionist, Proof from his book! (PDF). Hitler talked about evolution in is book often!

ISAAC NEWTON & THE TRINITY (PDF). Some scholars claim Newton was Arian, but this is majorly false. Newton believed Jesus was and is GOD THE SON!

Israel the Magnificent, Part 1 (PDF). Here are the covers to the booklet (see below)). It pictures Paul G. Humber with Rabbi Singer.

Israel the Magnificent, Part 2 (PDF). This is the text. Many Christians are confused about Israel and Messiah Jesus.

Many Christians Fought Against Hitler (Word Document).

Math & Jesus (PDF). See the second article on page 1.

MENDEL = CREATIONIST (pdf). Many people think Mendel was an evolutionist, but he was NOT!

Miller, Kenneth R. and his interactions with Paul G. Humber (PDF). Dr. Miller has been a leading evolutionist in America. Read about his interactions with Paul G. Humber

Muslims and Christians (PDF). In an effort to increase understanding between Muslims and Christians, this paper is offered in love.

Natural Selection--a Creationist's idea before Darwin! (PDF). Creationists are not against Natural Selection.

Nippur Tablet Challenges Liberal Bias (PDF). The University of Pennsylvania has a tablet that seems to support the biblical, global flood concept.

Pasteur (PDF). Pasteur was a great scientist!

Pasteur, a Creationist (PDF). Here are six proofs that Pasteur was a creationist.

Piltdown Hoax (PDF). A creationist published about the Piltdown Fraud decades before the evolutionary community officially rejected it.

Prayer--does God answer? (PDF) This is from my personal experience.

RACISM, The Ascent of (PDF). Evolution fosters racist notions!

Reasons to Affirm a Young Earth, Booklet 1, PDF. Hard copies of this are available in the CR Ministries Bookstore. See menu at top.

Reasons to Reject Evolution, PDF. This was the first booklet in a series on "Reasons."

Resurrection Appearances of Christ , PDF. Here is an effort to harmonize the resurrection appearances of Jesus.

RTBE--26 free lessons (PDF), Here are 26 free lessons for Released Time Bible Education (RTBE) classes.

Slavery, PDF. Over 100 years before the American Civil War, there was a man who loved Jesus and Slaves.

Stalin--EVOLUTIONIST! (PDF). Stalin turned in his Bible for Darwin's book when about 18!

Varves and Atheism (PDF). Frank Zindler saw the VARVES as proof against the Bible.